Below are the testimonials from some of my previous clients - to whom I am very grateful for their sensitivity and generosity in sharing their experience.

Reading these will help you get an idea of what it was like for them to have counselling with me. You will also get some insight into why someone might choose to start therapy and what they found was most helpful about the process.

L - 35 years:

Why I sought therapy

I started going to see Eleanor because I felt that the key areas of my life - work, family, relationships - just weren't working and I needed a different perspective to help me identify what was wrong and how to fix it.I sought help partly because I needed impartial advice - which I thought would be a big ask for a non-professional - partly because I didn't want to bore my friends and partly, frankly, because there were some things I would rather not discuss with friends. I went to see Eleanor once a week for several months and, by the end of that time, I had made some big decisions and started to view some of my issues in a different light. I used to look forward to my sessions - I cried, I laughed and I always went out the door with something new to think about. Eleanor gently coaxed me to challenge my understanding of past situations when she thought it necessary causing me to reevaluate my reactions to certain events and look at some hidden feelings that I had spent a lot of time sweeping under the carpet. She was also a sympathetic and entirely non-judgmental listener and I felt very comfortable talking to her. I found counselling to be a genuinely valuable and oddly enjoyable experience. I would not hesitate to recommend Eleanor to anyone in need of some support and a fresh look at their life.

L - 28 years:

Recovering from trauma

When I came to Eleanor for help, I had been through a very difficult ordeal. Eleanor helped me heal emotionally and also guided me to reconnect with my body. I was hurt and unaware of the real extent of my pain. She taught me to be kind and compassionate with myself and to take care of the little child in me. She also shed light on the relationship between my emotional health and physical health and until today I apply a lot of what I've learnt with her.

E - 32 years:

Deeper understanding

When I started with Eleanor, I thought I knew why I wanted to start therapy. But in fact Eleanor helped me find out so much more than the reasons I had originally thought about. I felt as if I could open up to her in a way that I hadn't before and she helped me explore some of my deepest inner feelings without being invasive or me feeling timid. I will take what we spoke about into my future and the rest of my life, my experience with Eleanor has been one of the most challenging but most rewarding things in my life and I thank her endlessly for it.

R - 44 years:

Therapy that lasts

It took me a long time to finally decide to try counselling after thinking about it for years. Looking back I wished I'd done it earlier.I was really nervous about being judged and finding out that my problems were too big. I was scared of what I might discover. Seeing Eleanor, was a powerfully reassuring experience. She was my counsellor for over a year and at times it was difficult for me, but she was an anchor for me during the tough times. What is great now, is that I can still remember the things she told me and they continue to help me even today.

S - 41 years:

Safe Space

This was my first experience of counselling, I went into it without any set aims or expectations, and overall it has had a very positive and also formative effect on me. Having a space and time where I had the freedom and security to unload was incredibly important and all credit goes to Eleanor for creating that space. Eleanor always tried to understand my point of view but she also challenged me where I needed a different perspective, which in my own case was important. Thoroughly recommended.


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